Energy Secretary and former Texas Governor Rick Perry wants an investigation into the elections — but not the one that helped get him his current job.

Perry said Bobby Brooks, the first openly gay student body president elected to Texas A&M University, won unfairly after his opponent was disqualified.

The Republican additionally suggests in a Houston Chronicle op-ed that the school fixed the election so Brooks could win because he is gay.

“Now, Brooks’ presidency is being treated as a victory for ‘diversity,’” Perry writes. “It is difficult to escape the perception that this quest for ‘diversity’ is the real reason the election outcome was overturned. Does the principle of ‘diversity’ override and supersede all other values of our Aggie Honor Code?”

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Perry goes on to indicate that the loser, Robert McIntosh, was unfairly disqualified from the race because accusation of voter intimidation, as well as for not providing receipts for glow sticks used in a campaign video.

McIntosh is the son of a prominent Dallas-based Republican donor, according to the Washington Post.

Rick Perry says Texas A&M should answer questions about the student body election.

Rick Perry says Texas A&M should answer questions about the student body election.

(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The punch line? He notes that while McIntosh won the popular vote, Brooks eventually became president — echoing the election of his boss, President Trump, who won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

“Brooks did not win the election,” the three-term governor writes. “He finished second by more than 750 votes to one Mr. Robert McIntosh.”

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Perry’s calls for a deeper investigation to the school election comes as the one that put Trump in office comes under a federal probe.

FBI Director James Comey said Monday that the bureau was investigating whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Perry ran for president before dropping out of the race in September 2015. He was later named Trump’s nominee for Energy Secretary — a department he once suggested eliminating all together — and was confirmed by the Senate in February.

What makes Bobby unique? Here’s what he said.

— Bobby B for SBP (@BobbyBforSBP) February 17, 2017

In the op-ed, Perry notes that McIntosh was first tossed out of the race after polls closed for voter intimidation — a charge he alleges was made by anonymous sources who supported Brooks.

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The voter intimidation charge was tossed out on appeal, but McIntosh was also accused of not providing receipts for the glow sticks, which Perry says the student got for participating in a charity event before the election happened. His opponents didn’t provide receipts either, Perry asserts, but weren’t punished the same way.

Perry in one racy paragraph makes a plea to current and former students — nicknamed Aggies — to re-examine the case.

“How would they act and feel if the victim was different? What if McIntosh had been a minority student instead of a white male? What if Brooks had been the candidate disqualified? Would the administration and the student body have allowed the first gay student body president to be voided for using charity glow sticks? Would the student body have allowed a black student body president to be disqualified on anonymous charges of voter intimidation?” Perry writes.

Perry, who graduated from the Texas A&M in 1972, suggests the school should be diverse but not do it in what he claims is an unfair manner.

“The quality of diversity on a campus depends on fair treatment, rather than preferred outcomes or engineered results,” he said. “McIntosh’s treatment suggests that A&M is choosing preferred outcomes over equal treatment: that the ends justify the means, and that not every student is deserving of the same treatment.”

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