Cora Angeles parked her car near a gas station at the foot of her Corona hillside neighborhood. With her granddaughter by her side, she said a prayer.

“Put out the fire, Lord,” the 66-year-old said, through tears. “Please help us.”

Just an hour earlier, she was watching Monday afternoon as flames lit up a mountain ridge in the distance. The flames looked far away from her home. But soon after, the winds shifted and they crept closer.

Before she knew it, there was a knock at her door.

  1. Victory L.A. says:

    I was in Jr. Hight when the Painted Cave fire took place in Santa Barbara. There was a small fire first that was put out by helicopters. Then my dad and I saw a pillar of smoke on the mountain. It started coming down and we couldn’t see anything because of the smoke. Then horses, insects and wild animals came rushing down our street. The fire came up the canyon behind our house and it looked like a tornado. All the houses at the end of the canyon exploded. They made a weird “whomp” noise. My dad threw me in the car and we raced down to the feeway. Some tall Eucalyptus bordering the freeway caught fire and the flames blew across the four lane road. We made it to downtown SB where there was no fire. When we came back the next day, all the cars parked along the ridge road were melted.

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